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About this template

Gothica is an all purpose blogging template done for Blogger platform. It includes multiple features and is suitable for tailoring both existing and new blogs. It fits various screen resolutions as well. You can craft your posts by using multiple page templates (HTML mode) or create simple post layouts by using "Compose" mode. Gothica was inspired by my favourite magazine Heathen Harvest and Facebook page "Victorian Society". Here are a few best points about the template:

  1. ✓ Comes in two versions: for new and existing blogs
  2. ✓ Dark layout with excellent readability
  3. ✓ Responsive and fits various screen resolutions
  4. ✓ Multiple page templates: from simplest to elegant two-columns
  5. ✓ Styled widgets and static pages
  6. ✓ Accent on content (sidebar is located in opening panel)
Styled blog posts

Combination of dark and light. For better readability the post articles as well as the post body have light grey background. If you will use the template for blogs without page styling, an "article" tag will not appear automatically, however, your post body will still keep its grey background.

Responsiveness . Full version of the template fits screen resolutions from 1920 px (or bigger) to 1024 px. Next follows its lighter version that fits resolutions from 1000 px to 480 px. And finally, from 480 px the layout comes with a few elements stripped at all (like photo background, facebook "recommend" button) or disabled (lightbox). You can preview and test the demo on various screens in order to get full impression. Template includes scalable elements: images, embedded videos, lightbox, adSense. You must preserve the code used in template for these elements in order to keep the responsiveness. Icons applied are retina ready. If you wish to keep your blog for retina displays you need to use high resolution images.


Page templates. There are 6 page templates included into folder: article with full-width images, article with left-side image, more complicated templates are: two-columns layout with article and image, two-columns layout with article and embedded video, two-columns layout with article and HTML5 audioplayer, two-columns layout with article and styled blockquote.

Styled widgets and static pages. Template comes with 9 fully styled widgets including custom Search Box and optional Blogger Search Box widget. You can preview all widgets (apart Blogger Search Box widget which is hidden) on the sliding sidebar under 'plus" icon. Template comes with 6 fully styled static pages templates: About, Gallery, Contact, Archive, Thank you redirect and 404 page not found.

Sliding panel. For better usability and focus on the content all sidebar widgets are placed onto sliding panel which opens and closes by clicking the "more" / "close" icons. However, if you consider keeping the panel constantly opened you can just remove a single line of code in CSS file (current code: display:none).

  1. ✓ Sliding panel
  2. ✓ Responsive lightbox
  3. ✓ Responsive adSense
  4. ✓ Facebook "like /recommend" button
  5. ✓ Masonry photo gallery
  6. ✓ Google Drive based Contact form
  7. ✓ Custom Search box
  8. ✓ Custom Archive page
  9. ✓ Custom 404 page
  10. ✓ CSS transitions
  11. ✓ HTML5 audioplayer
  12. ✓ Styled widgets, page templates and static pages
  13. ✓ Styled two types of Blogger Comment box ("full" and "embed")
  14. ✓ Suitable for both existing and new blogs
  15. ✓ Suitable for posting with or without page templates applied
  16. ✓ Fits various screen resolutions
  17. ✓ Written in HTML5, code is valid

Browse the gallery of screenshots below to get full impression of how various post types and layout on various devices look like. Click the image to see the enlarged version.


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